Best Campaign EVER!

26 Jan

Easily the best and most simple PR campaign! It uses social media (Youtube) and is interactive which therefore creates more attention.

I think this campaign was very smart and well executed.

In January 2009 Tourism Queensland embarked on a global search to find an Island Caretaker to explore the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland Australia and report back to the world about their experiences. We like to call this the ‘Best Job in the World’

On offer was a salary of AUD $150,000 for a six month position with live in luxury accommodation on Hamilton Island and the opportunity to explore all that the region has to offer.

Over 34,000 would-be caretakers from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between uploaded a 60-second video showing their creativity and skills. From celebrities, writers, tour guides, environmentalists, students, to mums, dads and retirees everyone was vying for the Best Job in the World.

A shortlist of 50 applicants from 22 countries were narrowed down to a final 16, 15 whom were chosen by Tourism Queensland, and the 16th a ’wild card’ applicant Claire Wang from Taiwan chosen by popular vote.

Anjaan - India Ben - France Ben - UK Cali - USA
Clare - Taiwan Clarke - New Zealand Erik - Canada George - Ireland
Greg - Singapore Hailey - Australia James - Australia Juweon - Korea
Magali - Netherlands Mieko - Japan Mirjam - Germany Yi - China

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