PR vs Twitter

26 Jan

As an undergraduate studying Public Relations I understand how important social media is in contemporary society, we use it to contact friends, network with other professionals and a traveler like me, show everyone back at home that I’m alive and having a great time. However if I am a Public Relations professional looking after a celebrity or known brand, twitter and other portals of social media can affect my timing, my mark, my job.

We don’t just have to wait until the next morning for the newspaper to see the news, its everywhere. I see people waiting in coffee shops looking and waiting for a new tweet to appear in their news feed, news travels like lightening.

However on a positive note, this could be seen as a good thing if you had good news that needed to address your audience instantly.

As a person who is connected to her facebook and twitter all the time I can that in some point in my life, this will be a challenge.


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